"I trust Cindy and feel comforted knowing Misty is cared for by such a lovely person, who truly loves her dogs." - Yasemin and Misty






Some dogs just prefer to go solo!


Your dog's home away from home!


Sometimes your dog’s exercise needs are already taken care of, but he or she needs a quick break during the day to provide a little relief. We will let your dog outside to the yard or sidewalk to enjoy some fresh air, a leg stretch, and to satisfy his or her bathroom requirements until you arrive home.

$25+HST per visit; additional dog from household add $5+HST


Your dog is a member of our family for overnight visits with us while you are away. Your dog can bring his or her bed or crate, or sleep on ours, just like at home! Lots of love, exercise and an integrated home environment, provides your dog with all the comforts and care your beloved pet is accustomed to. All this adds up to a worry free vacation for both you and your dog. And not to worry, your dog will still be happy to see you when you return! 

In-home boarding is available for our regular walking clients who will integrate well into our home environment.


$70+HST per overnight (up to 24 hrs) / $50+HST per extra half day

$65+HST per overnight (up to 24 hrs) for 2nd dog from same household

Please note: 2nd dog discounts do not apply during busy holiday periods.



"Smply put, Cindy is the kind of dog walker you want your dog to be with!" - Ericka and Maude


Rusty is very excited and energized  upon his return but soon after ready to curl up for a nap! - Christine, Wayne and Rusty


Fun dog walking adventures in park settings


Daytime breaks for the younger crowd!


Some dogs just prefer to go solo! Senior dogs, very small dogs, dogs with mobility concerns, social considerations, on temporary sick leave or dogs who just need a bit of extra coddling, love our private walks. We will enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of your neighbourhood, before returning your dog exercised and satisfied, ready to welcome you home for a relaxing evening.

$35+HST per half hour walk; additional dog from household add $5+HST


Adding a new member to the family can be both exciting and demanding of your time and energy. Let us take care of the daytime play and potty break your puppy needs, and you can come home to a happy and satisfied pup and a more peaceful evening!

We provide assistance with house training, socialization and stimulation, reinforce great puppy manners, and, of course, give out lots of love! As your pup grows up and is ready to go on a park adventure, he or she can integrate seamlessly into our group walks, with the same walker you and your puppy have come to know and trust.

$25+HST per visit or $40+HST 2 visits per day/5 days per week 

$28+HST per visit or $45+HST 2 visits per day/1 to 4 days per week


"Cindy has been the single best decision we’ve made raising Ted. We’re lucky we found her."  - Chris, Deanne and Ted


We Value Our Clients As Family. 

Over the years we get to know each other. Puppies grow into adults (human kids too!), then beloved senior companions, and, sadly, eventually leave us. This is not just a business relationship, but a relationship based on shared experience, trust and a common love for that special canine member of your family, who also becomes one of ours.

We Care. 

We are responsible, courteous and respectful of our parks and other park users. Biodegradable poop bags are earth friendly and we always pick up after our dogs.  We are passionate about and support pet rescue organizations and other community organizations and events.

And Most Importantly…. We’re Fun!  

We think these photos of our dogs enjoying their walks says it all!

"Thank goodness for Cindy and For Dog’s Sake! His walks with Cindy and the crew are the highlight of his week."  - Susan and Kelso



is the owner and operator of For Dog's Sake!

I began For Dog’s Sake! in 2005, and have enjoyed walking my beloved client dogs ever since. The love affair with dogs began many years before For Dog’s Sake!, though, with my first childhood dog when I was only a year old, a poodle terrier mix from the local pound. A few more family dogs and more than a decade hiatus to work as a camera person in the motion picture film industry, life changed when my beloved Australian Shepherd, Sky, found me in a local Humane Society and stole my heart. Little did I know how much Sky would have to teach me about dogs, dog behaviour, the power of positive training and life in general, or of the new career path he would open up for me. Soon after, sweet and affectionate Max (that's us in the photo at left), would join us from Australian Shepherd rescue, and become my assistant in teaching positive reinforcement dog training classes in obedience, agility, and a bit of tricks training for the fun of it. Max has since passed away, and Spirit is now joined us - a rambunctious, young Australian Shepherd with tons of personality, endless energy and lots of kisses to give away!




We're Owner Operated

Why does this matter? Dog walking is our full-time profession, and we have devoted our life to ensuring the well-being and happiness of your pets. Unlike many dog walking services that have a revolving door of under-qualified employees, with For Dog’s Sake! you will always know who is walking your dog and can be confident that we have the knowledge, skills and dedication you insist on for your beloved family member. 

We’re Reliable

Rain or shine we will be there at our scheduled time for your dog’s walk. We will inform you of any changes due to an occasional illness or vacation, and do our best to find you a competent replacement walker should you require one.

We’re Safe

We are conscientious about the equipment we use for our walks, and teach all of our dogs leash manners, name response and a great recall to ensure safety. Our extensive experience and knowledge of dog behaviour allows us to see problems arising and prevent them before they happen.

We’re Positive

We use only scientifically proven positive reinforcement methods in working with our dogs. These methods are the most effective, build good human/canine relationship and confidence, and are enjoyable for all involved.

Here’s a quick snapshot of my experience:


Experienced dog walker (since 2005) with knowledge of different breeds, ages and temperaments of dogs.


Former instructor at a positive dog training centre in Toronto, instructing pet guardians on positive training methods, privately and in group class settings.


Member of the Toronto Dog Walkers Association, an exclusive group of experienced dog walkers committed to setting and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and care for the dog walking industry. Members abide by a strict code of conduct and standards of eligibility for membership.


Certified in Pet First Aid


Permitted, bonded and insured dog walker in compliance with all City of Toronto regulations.


Formerolunteer and foster home for ARPH (Australian Shepherd Rescue and Placement Helpline).


Experienced training dogs in obedience and basic manners, agility, tricks, rally-o and even a bit of herding.


Experienced rehabilitating dogs with issues such as separation anxiety, dog-human aggression, dog-dog aggression and other behavioural concerns. (Dogs with a history of aggression are not suited to group walks)


Participant in continuing education courses and seminars in dog behaviour and body language, positive training techniques and behaviour modification techniques with renowned trainers and animal behaviorists.


Member of the High Park K9 committee and elected member of the High Park Community Advisory Council for 2008 – 2010 and co-organizer of the High Park Dog Memorial Fundraiser 2008.


Do you ever wonder what your dog is dreaming about in his or her sleep? We can’t be certain, but we are pretty sure it is about our group walks! What dog wouldn’t dream about a daily get together with friends in a beautiful park setting; engaging exercise and play; loving care and good fun; door to door service; and all the sniffing, squirrel gazing and belly rubs they desire! Group walks are forty-five minutes to one hour at the park, with a maximum of six dogs in a group. Our recommended equipment and positive reinforcement training helps keep everyone safe and happy. We reinforce both on- and off-leash manners. 

Great group walk dogs are friendly and social with other dogs and people, in good physical condition, at least 4 months of age, and spayed/neutered when they are old enough. These are the dogs who look forward to a daily adventure with long-time friends!


$30+HST per walk/ 5 days per week

$32+HST per walk/ 1 to 4 days per week (when available)

We’re Experienced

Dogs come in all different shapes, ages and sizes, and we’ve been walking and training dogs of different breeds, temperaments and personalities since 2005. We have ‘in the park’ hands-on experience, and are knowledgeable teachers of positive reinforcement dog training. Also certified in pet first aid, we are so enthusiastic about all things dog and are constantly expanding our skills and know-how by attending seminars and workshops on dog behaviour and training. Permitted, bonded and insured, we are also members of the Toronto Dog Walkers Association, an exclusive group of experienced dog walkers, committed to the highest standards of professional conduct and positive care.

Wagging the tails of High Park, theJunction,

Bloor West Village, Baby Point and Swansea

since 2005.




“When we moved to Toronto we wanted to find a great dog walker... and we did!”    - Ian and Reese





Please fill out the form below or send us an email including information about your dog, services requested and your location. We will get back to you as soon as we can!



"Cindy has been involved in my dog Misty’s life since she was a tiny puppy. Cindy started with puppy visits and Misty has been in one of Cindy’s walking groups ever since she was ready to venture out to the park. Misty loves Cindy. Cindy is like her second mommy. From the moment I spoke to Cindy on the phone I felt comfortable. She spends the time and shares her knowledge with you. Cindy has a natural gift with dogs. Misty was quite shy and afraid as a puppy and Cindy came to the house and spent the extra time to help Misty become more comfortable. Cindy is patient, calm and very kind with dogs. I trust Cindy and feel comforted knowing Misty is cared for by such a lovely person, who truly loves her dogs."

- Yasemin and Misty


Thank goodness for Cindy and For Dog’s Sake! Kelso met Cindy when he was already older and pretty set in his ways, but Cindy won him over with persistent coaxing and genuine caring. His walks with Cindy and the crew are the highlight of his week. Reliable, and completely weatherproof (even on wet winter days), Cindy is one of Kelso’s best friends, and has made Kelso a happier, friendlier dog. - Susan and Kelso

"Cindy has been the single best decision we’ve made raising Ted. Since Cindy has brought Ted into her pack, he’s been a happier and all-round better dog (even if he’s still crazy). Her love of the dogs in her groups (and all dogs) is obvious and definitely helped put our minds at ease with the fact that someone else was helping to take care of Ted. We’re lucky we found her."  - Chris, Deanne and Ted




We have taught classes in positive reinforcement dog training at one of the pioneering and most respected dog training facilities in Toronto. Our skills stay current by attending classes, seminars and apprenticing with some of the most respected positive reinforcement trainers and behaviourists. We excel at creating a positive learning environment for both humans and canines.

PLEASE NOTE - We are taking a break from offering training consultations at the moment, but will let you know when we are back at it!



Effective and fun positive reinforcement!

"When we moved to Toronto we wanted to find a great dog walker - and we did!" - Ian and Reese

"Cindy has been walking and boarding our Holly (a Havanese) for several years now. We trust her 100% as we know Holly is sage in her hands. This is especially important when we are away on vacation as Holly is welcomed into her home like one of her own. Would highly recommend her services!" - Michele, Tom and Holly


"Simply put, Cindy is the kind of dog walker you want your dog to be with! She treats every pet like one of her own. Cindy is trustworthy and very accommodating. My bulldog Maude wiggles out of her skin every time she sees Cindy! Cindy takes the time to train each dog so that they respond to her while they are at the park, she cares that they are safe. She is thorough, and follows up on any issues that arise, big or small. I’m content leaving the house each morning, knowing that my “four-legged child” will be safe, happy, well exercised and loved!" - Ericka and Maude

"When we have a new dog, we are going back to Cindy!" - Christie and Henna

""Our Dog Rusty (7 years) literally smiles (he is one of those dogs) when he sees Cindy.  She has walked Rusty for 4 years.  Cindy takes excellent care of the pack and is very conscientious. She avoids areas that are dangerous (when coyotes or ice has been spotted) and updates us on anything about Rusty that we should be aware of. Rusty is very excited and energized  upon his return but soon after ready to curl up for a nap!  Thanks  Cindy for your great care of Rusty!" - Christine, Wayne and Rusty


"We trust Cindy 100% as we know our dog is safe in her hands." - Michele, Tom and Holly

"Cindy adored Henna. Her joy in seeing Cindy each day never waned. Cindy also gave immensely to me. I never could have faced the ordeal of Henna's last days in the Veterinary Hospital had it not been for Cindy's daily calm presence beside me. Apart from loving the dogs, Cindy also provides skillful guidance and advice. She is extremely well-organized and reliable. When we have a new dog, we are going back to Cindy!" - Christie and Henna

See all the fun on Instagram! 



We make sure everything is as your feline friend likes it by taking care of the feeding, watering and litter box cleaning while you are away. For the cuddly kitties we have lots of loving to share, and we won't take it personally if your cat prefers to simply observe from a distance. We will be sure to take in the mail and the newspaper, and can even water a plant or two for you!

$25+HST per visit or $40+HST 2 visits per day


Home visits that meet feline standards!



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